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about healthturf

healthturf, founded by a motley group of experienced industry professionals, is an entrepreneurial offering in the health and nutrition space with a belief to provide one with a (health)turf.

At the core of it, the legacy of the team healthturf comes from a cumulative vast experience into the Health and Nutrition and Customer Service domains.

We strive to deliver a;

      healthturf that emerges from prudent consulting, to the food business operators...
      healthturf that helps one choose the right food with the wisdom of food testing and analysis...
      healthturf that endows good health through nutrition counselling to the health conscious.

Our prudent consulting towards Food Registration and Licensing makes it easier for your Food Business Operations to comply the law.

We have partnered with an NABL accredited laboratory for Analytical and Laboratory testing solutions for Food and Environmental Microbiology including those specified in OHSAS-18001.

Empowering food businesses to evaluate and monitor the food quality as a continuously evolving quality process for Food Microbiology and to meet National and International Compliance for Nutritional Labeling and Food Product approval.

Environmental Microbiology Analysis empowers Organizations to know, plan an OHSAS to eliminate or minimize the risk to their employees and other interested parties who may be exposed to risks linked to its operational activities. Implementing an OHSAS management plan instills confidence amongst its employees and other stakeholders in furtherance to Compliance to the Law.

Team healthturf believes in helping Food Business Operators ( FBOs ) to be Food Safety Compliant. Food safety compliant FBOs are trusted and chosen by more Customers and individuals for making mindful food choices.

Team healthturf strives to encourage you to live a better life with Nutrition counselling from leading Nutrition Expert Dr Nupur Krishnan, Bio-Logics Nutrition Clinic, Mumbai.