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our services

Regulatory Compliance Consultancy for Food Business Operators ( FBOs ).

Consulting Services to FBOs for Registration and Licensing on Food Safety and Standards Authority of India ( FSSAI ) platform.

We have partnered with an NABL accredited laboratory for Analytical and Laboratory testing solutions for Food and Environmental Microbiology including those specified in OHSAS-18001.

Empowering food businesses to evaluate and monitor the food quality as a continuously evolving quality process for Food Microbiology and to meet National and International Compliance for Nutritional Labeling and Food Product approval.
  • Food Microbiology tests to meet the compliance for Food Safety License.
  • Water Testing as per BIS : Packaged Drinking Water, Raw Water Testing, Processed Water Testing.
  • Environmental Monitoring : Chemical and Microbiology, Air Monitoring, Noise Monitoring.
Team healthturf strives to encourage you to live a better life with Nutrition counselling from leading Nutrition Expert Dr Nupur Krishnan, Bio-Logics Nutrition Clinic at Mumbai.

For Nutrition Counselling, You may leave your details in the inquiry form on contact us page or dial our helpline at 09968.HEALTH that is 09968.432584 or alternatively do visit Bio-Logics Nutrition Clinic at :